Message from The President

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Professor William K.M. Lee

Centennial College was established by The University of Hong Kong as an independent, full-time, self-funded, degree granting institution, to take forward the University’s tradition in providing high-quality, whole person education.

In the era of ICT, when our human capital has to be multi-skilled and capable of turning information and knowledge into innovations, insights or wisdom, employers have increasingly found the liberal arts education model most suitable for the needs of our time. Centennial College therefore designed its curricula to underscore the spirit of liberal arts education, making our liberal arts education mesh with the requirement for a new human capital model in the new ICT economy – to enable students to cope with change and diversity, to be multi-skilled and creative, and to self-learn. Over the years, the College has enriched its teaching and learning processes in order to provide students with enhanced learning experiences throughout their study at the College. The enrichment includes, for example, the adoption of small class teaching and a personal tutor scheme to provide students with individual care and attention as well as to promote interactions among students and between faculty and students. Emphasis will also be placed on intra- and co-curricular activities together with international exposure that will enable students to learn from activities such as community service and service-learning. International exposure through overseas exchange/internships/fieldtrips is designed to help them build a global perspective.

Currently, the College offers three undergraduate degree programmes:


Since its inception in 2012, the College has graduated six cohorts of students. Their success stories mark the achievements of the College and demonstrate the values of liberal arts education to society.

On this website, you will be able to learn more about the background of Centennial College, our philosophy of education, our programmes and the latest updates on our students and teachers. Its contents will be updated regularly to help you gain a better perspective of our College life and developments.