Our Mission

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New skills for a new world

As our rapidly changing world creates new challenges, we will all need new skills to meet these challenges and overcome them.

Centennial College is leading the way in providing these skills with an exciting educational approach and unique, multifaceted, 4-year Bachelor Degree programmes.

Our programmes are based on non-traditional curricula that will not only give you a broader range of skills and knowledge, but also the creative thinking and open-minded approach that employers will be looking for in the future.

Centennial College 1st Graduation Ceremony 2014 Group photo

100 years of educational opportunity

Centennial College is an independent College established by The University of Hong Kong (HKU). In 1912, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) opened its doors to its first class of students in a bold initiative to meet the educational needs of society at that time.

In its centenary year, HKU has taken another bold step, by establishing Centennial College and bringing a new era of high quality, self-financed, multidisciplinary Bachelor Degree programmes to provide new opportunities for today's students.


Centennial College 4th Graduation Ceremony 2017 Academic staff group photo

Changing times, changing demands

Leading companies are demanding a far broader range of skills in their graduate hires than ever before.

Today you need to have a far greater understanding of the world and societies around you. You need good language skills and superior skills in communication, presentation and analysis. Above all you need the ability to learn independently, think creatively and approach new ideas with a fresh and open mind.

That is what Centennial College is geared to providing.


Centennial College - Launching Ceremony 2012


Developing a liberal arts education

At Centennial College we believe that education is more than just about preparing you for a good career. We believe education is about preparing you for a fine life: a life of personal growth, fulfilment and achievement.

That is why our curriculum is designed not just to give you practical skills in your chosen speciality, but also to expand your mind and intellect with a broad range of knowledge and understanding and give you a foundation for lifelong development and learning.

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To aspire to be an outstanding liberal arts college in the Asia-Pacific Region.


The College will endeavour to

  1. Provide a transformative and broad-based education defined by the best liberal arts tradition that maximises the learning experiences of its students;
  2. Instil in its students the spirit of inquiry, intellectual curiosity, and self-learning;
  3. Imbue its students with the qualities expressed by its core values (wisdom, integrity, decency, morality, global and multicultural awareness, and social responsibility); and
  4. Provide a diverse scholarly and learning environment that attracts outstanding scholars in liberal and professional studies.
Centennial College - Exterior Building




"Centennial College" pays tribute to The University of Hong Kong in recognising the 100 years of commitment of the University to academic excellence. The College is continuing the efforts to encourage a lifetime of self-cultivation for today's generation of students.

眀 徳 學 院

"mingde 眀徳" is derived from The University of Hong Kong's Chinese motto "mingde gewu 眀徳格物" meaning "to manifest virtue and investigate things".

"Mingde 眀徳" comes from the Confucian literary classic "The Great Learning" 《大學》("Daxue") meaning to live a life pursuing illustrious virtue. The core idea of "The Great Learning" is to encourage people to live a life of self-education or self-cultivation in the pursuit of a greater good for society and thereby the world as a whole. This is a noble aim and one we embrace at Centennial College.