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Create your own path in Centennial College!

The main difference between secondary school and post-secondary school is that we are accountable for our decisions and behaviors and are expected to take responsibilities. In secondary school, teachers and parents will chase us down with late assignments, unfinished work, and remind us of upcoming deadlines. But in college, every student is responsible of themselves because they are all adults now.

Unlike secondary school, the learning life and social life you experience is completely in the student’s hand. Whether you make lots of friends, whether you do well in school, teachers and parents will not hold your hand and walk each step with you; it is time to start walking independently and finding your own path.

Centennial College provides a very warm community where it’s very easy to make friends, and easy to get help. With the benefits of small classes, you will bump into your friends regularly, and have time to interact with our professor. Unlike bigger universities, your professor will remember your name here!



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