A Fresh Look at Education

Centennial College - A Fresh Look at Education

A broad and
interdisciplinary curriculum

Our broad-based curriculum will not only help you acquire superior skills in your chosen profession, but also gain significant strengths in a wide range of fields including economics, politics, culture, languages, history of civilisation, technology, statistics, logical and creative thinking, communication, analytical skills, environmental studies, music and literature.

Our Programmes have four components:

Generic Studies including languages, IT and numeracy

Core Curriculum in the humanities, science and technology, and social sciences

Major Courses for specialised Majors

Open Elective Courses

Each Major also features a cross-disciplinary "capstone" course that will help you develop a wide base of knowledge and learn how to apply it in real-life situations.



An active learning culture

At Centennial College we promote "Active Learning" by inviting you to take an active role in what you learn and the courses you choose to take.

Our multifaceted approach to education and non-traditional programmes is designed to foster the vision, values and versatility you will need, not only to succeed in your chosen profession and excel in tomorrow's service-based economies, but also to develop fully as an individual to succeed in life in the 21st century.


Quality education

The University of Hong Kong has been totally committed to the highest quality of education for the past 100 years.

Now the University hopes to pass on its century of experience to Centennial College and provide a superior foundation for a new era of self-financing, multifaceted, high-quality degree education to meet the challenges of tomorrow with the versatility, skills, vision and open-minded creative thinking you will need to succeed.

Dr Siu-Kei Li's quote on Centennial College