Human Resources

It is important to develop our own sustainable and proactive human resources (HR) policy and management structures. These must be designed to efficiently attract, recruit, retain and reward outstanding staff to sustain College activities and functions, and to build College reputation. The concepts of Management as a Liberal Art, as professed in our flagship programme, should be practised as the foundation of our own HR policy. We should continue to enhance diversity in staff recruitment using an equal opportunity approach.



  1. Develop appropriate promotional material to attract outstanding staff at all levels
  2. Facilitate recruitment and retention by agile, adaptive and humanistic management practices
  3. Streamline HR practices to recognise and reward outstanding performance, and provide appropriate staff mentorship and development programmes
  4. Develop our own HR capabilities based upon a truly humanistic approach that values all staff as knowledge workers and contributors to the College
  5. Encourage our staff by various means to adopt an appropriate work-life balance and healthy, sustainable lifestyle

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