Operational Capacity

At present, the operational capacity of the College is supported to a large extent by a service agreement with HKU SPACE. Whilst in the initial years of operation this provides expert and experienced staff, it is also at times overly cumbersome and regulated. In time, the operational effectiveness of the College will depend upon its own capable and dedicated staff who have the tools at hand to make the management and administration work. In the meantime, we must continually review our administrative structure and business processes, and streamline or eliminate those aspects which are overly complex or redundant. We must also ensure that sufficient staff of the right caliber are in place to accomplish the tasks at hand. We must further develop our IT and knowledge management infrastructure in support of our administrative processes. A ‘plan and performance’ paradigm should underpin all of our practical endeavours.


  1. Prepare a simple but effective set of working procedures to streamline operations and provide manuals to describe them
  2. Review the management and administrative structure to ensure that sufficient staff are in place at appropriate levels to provide efficient operation of the College
  3. Continue to develop, where appropriate in concert with HKU/HKU SPACE, electronic workflow mechanisms, to make procedures less onerous
  4. Emphasise the importance of enhancing and measuring performance as we strive to maximise deliverables

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