HKU Main Library

HKU Main Library

Physical Facilities

Although for the next few years slightly more than 1,000 students can be accommodated at Island South Pokfulam (ISP) in Wah Fu, the premises are in no way commensurate with the concept of whole person education. There is no opportunity for residential life and only restricted opportunities for out-of-classroom activities. Some of the shortfall can be taken up through arrangements with HKU and the use of HKU facilities, which should continue to be extended. We must also continue to build our information technology (IT) infrastructure, both for administrative and academic purposes.



  1. Continue to press the Government for suitable sites on which to develop a purpose-built campus
  2. Continually update the physical teaching and learning resources at ISP in Wah Fu
  3. Search for and provide accommodation options for students, particularly non-local and exchange students
  4. Work with HKU and HKU SPACE to provide further access to facilities as needed
  5. Further consider the relevance of aspects of online teaching with a view to providing learning opportunities through blended teaching, particularly at the CPD and postgraduate levels

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