Core Values and Goals

President of Centennial College - Prof William Lee
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The core values of the College are those that we consider an integral part of the development of an individual as a valuable and engaged member of society. Acquiring and using experience, knowledge and common sense in making decisions and judgments for the betterment of all; being able to discern right from wrong; and upholding honesty and respect for others, are the very values on which a civil society is built. These are the values that we hold uppermost. In addition, we benefit from the diversity of cultural backgrounds that we can assemble to shape our behaviour and our abilities to strive for equality within the community.

These core values underpin the concept of a liberal arts education, an education which teaches one how to learn, how to think, how to take a broader perspective of life, how to be flexible but reliable, how to live a happier life, but above all, how to be a better human being. At the same time, a liberal arts education is designed to develop intellectual ability and can therefore prepare individuals for many employment opportunities. We believe that such an education should be appealing to employers because graduates develop the skills necessary to adapt to a changing workplace, i.e. transferable skills.


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Our graduates understand problems, can provide solutions, and can communicate these solutions to others. Core to building our reputation and central to our success will be how capable we are at convincing society in Hong Kong and the region at large what is so important and valuable about a liberal education.

By the end of 2014-18, we wish to have developed a reputation and be recognised as a well-regarded liberal arts college in Hong Kong and in the region. In working towards these goals we have to be concerned about





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