Exterior Building of Centennial College


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HKU Main Building


Centennial College is an independent College established by the University of Hong Kong, and the newest member of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) family. Our English name recognises the founding of the College in the University's centennial year (2011-2012) and pays tribute to its 100 years of academic standing and leadership. We have inherited the strengths and academic values of our parent institution but have adopted a new and innovative approach in our multifaceted, interdisciplinary degree programmes. We believe that our non-traditional liberal education curriculum will not only give students a broader range of knowledge and skills, but also a global view and understanding of the modern world which employers now seek. 


The College integrates the philosophy of a liberal education with preparation for life as a global citizen, whether in Hong Kong or abroad. It provides undergraduate programmes on a self-funded basis in the arts, humanities, languages, social sciences and business studies with an emphasis on whole-person education and with special focus on the development of Hong Kong and China. The aim is to nurture a new breed of students who will be able to thrive and contribute to the vibrant economy of the region and beyond.

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