Profile Indicators

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The success or otherwise of the Strategic Plan may be gauged from movements in a series of profile indicators which encompass in a measurable way, the activities of the College.



Relevant profile indicators include but are not confined to:


1. Reputation

  1. Student application number and quality
  2. Donations and pledges to the College
  3. Positive coverage in the media
  4. Public awareness of Centennial College
  5. International partnerships
  6. Recognition of the value of liberal arts education by local community
  7. Placement of graduates in significant employment or further studies at reputable institutions
  8. Application rate for employment opportunities at Centennial College
  9. Trends in reputational surveys


2. Students

  1. Student application number
  2. Student enrolment number
  3. Student diversity
  4. Student retention rate
  5. Average and percentile student entry qualifications
  6. Number of new programmes introduced
  7. Learning Experience Survey (LES)
  8. Student satisfaction surveys
  9. Average and percentile student GPA
  10. Student scholarships awarded
  11. Student participation in outside-classroom activities


3. Staff

Academic Staff

  1. Application number and quality
  2. Staff diversity and background
  3. Learning Experience Survey (LES)
  4. Knowledge exchange output
  5. Annual performance reviews
  6. Staff retention rate
  7. Staff satisfaction surveys

Non-academic Staff

  1. Staff diversity and background
  2. Staff retention rate
  3. Annual performance reviews
  4. Staff satisfaction surveys
  5. Participation in staff development schemes

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