Identifying Flagship Programmes to Promote Reputation



The College cannot be a leader in all aspects of liberal arts education, especially during its early years. It is therefore important to identify one or two areas in which it can develop renown for outstanding work, and which can set the College aside from competitors in their uniqueness. Such developments should provide advances in both teaching and learning, and research, and should stand as pragmatic, signature or flagship programmes of the College.



We must promote the reputation of the College and form meaningful partnerships with other distinguished institutions internationally through the development of an academic area of expertise and outstanding merit, distinctive enough in the Hong Kong milieu



  1. Develop the Centennial College School of Management as a leading teaching and research centre in Management and the Liberal Arts
  2. Offer high quality professional postgraduate courses in Management and the Liberal Arts
  3. Set up a self-funded case study research centre within the School
  4. Attract leading international scholars as visitors to the School
  5. Promote the School’s activities through conferences, seminars and forums on an international basis
  6. Raise funds from external sources including fees, contracts and donations, to support the development of the School

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