Strengthening Scholarly Activities to Improving Teaching and Learning

Strengthening research to improve teaching and learning - Teacher with students


Our regional reputation as a leading tertiary education institution will only come about if we are to promote the best in teaching. Very often the best teachers are also very capable practicing scholars, whether in their own discipline and/or in the Science of Learning. They encourage their students through innovative pedagogies and up-to-date knowledge to transfer their learning skills so that they can be applied in a variety of scenarios, and teach them to learn how to learn.


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  • Strengthen the teaching and scholarly activities and create a greater synergy to contribute to teaching excellence
  • Support the introduction of postgraduate programmes



  1. Identify and promote interdisciplinary scholarship in designated areas that can contribute to the reputation of the College (e.g. Communication, Creative Arts and Cultural Expression, Governance, Management, Sustainability, Politics and Economics and the Science of Learning)
  2. Investigate ways to promote the importance of a liberal arts education to local and regional constituencies

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