Increasing Visibility and Promoting Internationalisation/Collaboration

Promoting internationalisation - Our students with different cultures


The universal challenges facing human kind, extensive global isation, and the growing international importance of China, mean that we must create and make use of opportunities to project ourselves locally, regionally and internationally. Both locally and regionally, the concept of a college specialising in liberal arts education is still somewhat novel, and this should be turned into one of our strengths. Here we can benefit from the experience and history of others, particularly those institutions in North America and Europe, with some of which we should seek close partnerships. At the same time we must remain relevant to the local community with all its inbuilt richness and diversity.

Internationalisation of the student body will be key to the College's development over the next decade. Attracting more international students to study with us would not only enhance the diversity of our student population, but also help create a cultural and learning environment which is instrumental to the broadening of our students' horizons. It also underpins our commitment to making contributions to the development of Hong Kong as a regional education hub. Every effort should hence be made to recruit students from both Mainland China and other countries in the region to promote diversity and also to enhance the College's financial viability in anticipation of the expected decline in enrolment of local senior secondary school leavers in the next few years.



To pursue greater recognition of the College by 

  • Crafting a distinguished identity and sharpening the College’s local and international image in teaching and research
  • Building closer relationships with the local, regional and international academic communities
  • Increasing cultural and ethnic diversity



  1. Formulate a coherent communication strategy to promote the visibility and reputation of the College locally, particularly to improve student recruitment
  2. Develop our relationships with the Mainland through enhanced recruitment of Mainland students and through the development of opportunities to provide courses, workshops and seminars in the Mainland through partnerships, particularly at CPD and postgraduate level
  3. Institute a more vigorous recruitment effort for full time international students, particularly from East and Southeast Asia
  4. Build overseas academic partnerships (at least 8 partners in North America, Europe, Australasia, and Asia by 2018) to promote diversity through academic exchange of people and ideas
  5. Build and develop effective outreach initiatives (e.g. seminars, workshops, roundtables, forums) that connect the College with the local, regional and international communities
  6. Make use of the ambassadorial role of outstanding students and graduates
  7. Create more opportunities to engage alumni and bring together students and alumni

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