Providing Our Students with an Enhanced Learning Experience

Providing our students with an enhanced learning experience -  students enjoy College life

The College places great emphasis on teaching as part of creating an intellectually stimulating environment for our students. At the same time we believe that the nexus between teaching and scholarly activities is crucial to more advanced scholarship, and thus wish to attract academics who are both excellent teachers, especially where their scholarly activities advances their teaching capabilities. Outstanding academics will attract outstanding students.

The College regularly revisits its curriculum offerings to ensure that our programmes are up-to-date, globally relevant and of high quality. We believe that the learning experience should be broad-based, multidisciplinary and practical.

In addition, it is important to provide the physical environment and facilities that support the concept of whole person education.



  • We must continuously improve the quality and variety of our undergraduate offerings and provide our students with a unique educational experience
  • We must establish a rewarding and challenging intellectual environment that prepares students as global citizens
  • We must provide opportunities for postgraduate studies and research in selected areas


  1. Introduce up to ten new interdisciplinary study themes (majors) that make the undergraduate education of the College more competitive, pragmatic and distinctive 
  2. Introduce a Summer Semester of teaching that allows students the choice to reduce the number of academic years spent in their programmes, and which fosters and supports exchange opportunities
  3. Continuously review and revitalise undergraduate courses, supported with innovative and flexible pedagogies and student learning assessment processes
  4. Develop a complete learning experience for our students including out of classroom learning and a residential college life 
  5. Ensure a more supportive environment for students to achieve the goals of liberal arts education (such as by increasing opportunities for student exchange, placements and experiential learning, etc.)
  6. Improve scholarship support for outstanding students, including financial support for exchange and overseas learning opportunities
  7. Maintain small class sizes where possible, and a close learning relationship between students and teachers
  8. Progressively develop the student learning resource centre on campus to facilitate access to a wider range of learning materials
  9. Introduce new/evolving pedagogies including flipped classrooms, E-learning, student-centred classrooms, field and workplace training, etc.
  10. Expand postgraduate opportunities at the College through the introduction of Masters level degree programmes and a range of continuing professional development (CPD) courses (in the first instance through the School of Management)
  11. Continue to develop the relationship with HKU and HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) to the mutual benefit of students at all institutions

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