Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Language and Communication

Language and Communication

This Major provides an academic pathway for students who seek to acquire high-level language and communication competencies that are required for meeting future challenges in the professional workplace.

Designed to accomplish this overall aim through a balanced selection of topics from the rich areas of linguistics, literature, communication, and media / cultural studies, the LC Major enables students to build an integrative understanding of the central role of language and communication activities in contemporary cultural life, and to make informed choices for further study either in more specialised areas in the humanities and the social sciences, or in a professional area of specialisation that requires a solid foundation in language and communication abilities.


Selected Major Courses

  • Discourse and Persuasive Power
  • English as a Globalising Language
  • General Linguistics
  • Language, Identity and Society
  • Literature and Image
  • Media Communication and Management
  • Popular Culture and the Consumerist Society
  • Speaking for Academic and Professional Communication
  • The Semantics and Pragmatics of English
  • Theorising Media and Culture