Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - China and Global Studies

China and Global Studies

Today the impact of a rising China on global politics, world economies and the environment is truly breathtaking. This Major aims to develop in students’ a deeper understanding of the issues at stake and to broaden their knowledge of China’s remarkable social and cultural legacy. On completion of the programme, students will find themselves equipped with a unique skill set that will enable them to seize various opportunities that arise from China’s impressive range of global interactions. This will help them pursue their careers in the fields of business, education, NGOs and the wider media.


Selected Major Courses

  • A History of Modern and Contemporary China
  • China and the World
  • Contemporary International Politics
  • Economic Development in Contemporary China
  • Global Political Economy
  • Popular Culture and the Consumerist Society
  • Regional Development in China
  • State, Market and Society in Contemporary China
  • Theories and Society in the Age of Globalisation
  • Understanding Global Issues
  • World Religions