BSocSc - Graduate Profile

Programme Objectives

​The Programme aims to provide students with a basic education in various social sciences disciplines, enhancing students’ ability to understand social sciences theories and concepts and their applications. The Programme emphasises inter-disciplinary perspectives in the study of contemporary issues and the interplay of social, political, economic and historical factors leading to various social issues and crises.

The Programme comprises three academic Majors with a different concentration of courses, each focusing on a particular aspect of the relationship between individuals and society or government, and provides students with the critical tools required to participate meaningfully in debates on policy and government initiatives. The three Majors are:

  1. China and Global Studies (CGS)
  2. Social Behaviour and Public Policy (SBPP)
  3. Sustainability, Technology and Society (STS)

Education Pathways

Graduates are encouraged to pursue further study in postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong and overseas. They can apply for postgraduate programmes in the following fields:

China and Global Studies Major

Area studies (China or East Asian), international politics,
global studies, international political economy,
​and international trade and finance

Social Behaviour and Public Policy Major

Psychology, sociology, criminology,
​public policy, social work, and governance

Sustainability, Technology and Society Major

Environmental studies, sociology, public policy, and education.


Employment Pathways

Graduates will be able to pursue careers:

China and Global Studies Major

In the areas of trade, finance, manufacturing, journalism, government, non-governmental organisations and education.

Social Behaviour and Public Policy Major

In the public and private sector in Hong Kong and overseas in the areas of tourism, education, urban planning and transportation.

Sustainability, Technology and Society Major

In a variety of industries and business where Corporate Social Responsibility is being increasingly practised, in government offices, non-governmental organisations and academia.