2017-2018 Scholarship/ Tuition Waiver for HKDSE Applicants (Applicable to local students)

1st & 2nd Academic Years

Applicants who obtain HKDSE with the following point score* will be guaranteed the following scholarship/tuition waiver:

DSE point score Amount of Scholarship/
tuition waiver
Actual annual tuition fee for the first two years
18 points or above Full Scholarship
(HK$89,000, full tuition waived)
15-17 points ½ tuition waived (less HK$44,500) HK$44,500
13-14 points tuition waived (less HK$30,000) HK$59,000


3rd & 4th Academic Years

The continuation of the scholarship/tuition waiver for the 3rd and the 4thyears are subject to the YGPA# obtained at the College in the 2nd and 3rd academic years respectively:

YGPA Amount of Scholarship/
​tuition waiver
Actual annual tuition fee for the last two years
3.20 or above Full Scholarship
(HK$99,000, full tuition waived)
2.80 or above ½ tuition waived (less HK$49,500) HK$49,500
2.40 or above ​​ tuition waived (less HK$33,000) HK$66,000



*  HKDSE results should meet the College admissions requirement. The overall point score is calculated by the
 results for English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics (compulsory part), Liberal Studies and 1 best
 Elective subject. 
# YGPA is Yearly Grade Point Average

The local tuition fee is used above for illustration purpose. The amount of scholarship/tuition waiver is awarded on the basis of 10 courses or 30 credits for each academic year. If the number of courses taken is less than 10 or 30 credits for each academic year, the scholarship/tuition waiver will be awarded on a pro-rata basis. For Year 1 entry, students normally can complete their study in 4 years; the Scheme is valid only for 4 years. 
The first 300 enrolled new students will be offered the relevant scholarship/tuition waiver automatically.

For details, please refer to the offer letter.