Web Publishing Policies

Policy Statement of the Centennial College Website

Centennial College (The College) recognises its website as a key strategic resource for information provision, communication, publicity and administration. The College will ensure the proper use of the website and the technologies in fulfilment of its mission.

The Centennial College website is the property of the College. The College will not tolerate any acts of misuse of the website, infringement of laws, or any attempts to abuse its network and systems to tamper with its normal operation. The College reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against any person who performs, directly or indirectly, such acts. Such persons will also be liable for any loss or damage caused by the prohibited acts.


Role of the Centennial College Website

The Centennial College website is intended for the following uses:

Public access to the College information - to provide the most up-to-date information about the work, services and programme information of the College.
Publicity and promotion - to provide a channel for the College to promote its programmes, services or events.
Public and staff communication - to serve as a gateway for information dissemination, collection of feedback and enquiry, from the public as well as full-time and part-time staff.
Administration and learning support services such as on-line application, enrolment, fee payment, library and e-learning services etc.

Collection of statistics on web usage and users' opinion - to understand their needs for better services.


Types of Information

Information published on the College's website is deemed to be the official information about the College.

Pages introducing the background of staff members are intended to provide their contact information, research/academic interests, and other relevant information.


Disclaimer of Responsibility of Published Information

While every effort is made to ensure the timeliness and accuracy, no express or implied warranty is given by the College as to the accuracy of the information published, or the proper transmission or display of the information on the intended receivers due to variations in information technology and data transmission standards.

The College does not accept any responsibilities for any loss or damage arising from any cause of use in connection with its website. It is also not liable for any malcontent of weblinks and webpages in the Centennial College website.

Legal Concerns

The College will take into account the following legal considerations when publishing any materials on its website.

Privacy Policy

Normally no personally identifiable information will be collected from visitors to the College's website. However, where personal information is collected, the College will ensure the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance is complied. Please see our Privacy Policy Statement for details on personal data protection, access and correction issues.



The College will seek prior permission from the rightful owner when placing any copyrighted works, including weblinks, text, graphics, photographs, sound and video recordings on the College's website.

By the same token, the College's website is protected by copyright and any attempts to reproduce, link, publish, distribute or exploit materials in it, in whole or in part without prior written permission of the College, will be deemed to have infringed the College's copyright.


Administration of the Policy

The College will enforce its web publishing policy as embodied in this policy document. The College will change, revise or correct these policies from time to time, where appropriate. The College reserves the right to take appropriate action under its relevant policies and procedures where breaches occur. These actions are subject to the sole discretion and final determination by the College and users shall raise no objection herein. If you have any queries on this policy, please contact us at enquiry@centennialcollege.hku.hk

Last revised as at March 2012