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Centennial College - Outgoing Students

The Student Exchange Programme aims at providing an opportunity for students to gain global exposure and widen their horizons by studying abroad for a semester at a partner university of Centennial College.


Host Institutions and Courses Offered

At present, the College operates a number of partnerships with institutions in the USA, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. The College aims to establish more partnerships with institutions around the world.

The six host institutions are:

Please visit the websites of the host institutions to get further details and information about the courses* offered.

* Requirement(s) or prerequisite(s) may apply on some courses.


Credit Transfer

Students may be granted credit transfer for up to five Open Elective courses taken at a partner institution. You should apply to the Academic Administration Office for credit transfer immediately upon your return to Centennial College by completing an application form. Your application should include supporting documents such as a certified true copy of the transcript issued to you by the partner institution and the course documents of the course(s) for which you wish to obtain credit. The course documents should include information such as course syllabus, contact hours, assessment method etc.

You should ensure that the courses you select at the partner institution do not duplicate courses you have previously taken at Centennial College. For example, if you have completed Principles of Economics at Centennial College, you should not enrol in Introduction to Economics at the partner institution. You are encouraged to view the exchange experience as a unique opportunity to take courses you would not otherwise be able to take at Centennial College, such as American Studies, Journalism, Literature, etc. Generally speaking, these courses should be at the American “200” level or higher. Courses at the “100” level are introductory courses usually taken in the first year of studies, roughly equivalent to QF 4 courses in Hong Kong.

The exact number of credits granted will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the College.


Eligibility and Selection Criteria


You are eligible to apply for exchange if you meet the following criteria

  1. You should have completed at least 30 credits of study at Centennial College;
  2. You have a minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.75; and
  3. You have obtained a minimum overall band score of 6.5 on the IELTS (Academic) or minimum score of 80 on the iBT (Internet-based TOEFL).

You are not encouraged to participate in the exchange during your final year at Centennial College. Your eligibility for the programme will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Selection Criteria

  1. Academic achievements
  2. Non-academic achievements
  3. Participation in extra-curricular activities inside and outside Centennial College
  4. A letter of academic support from a professor of the College
  5. Performance at the interview
  6. Motivation


Costs of the Programme


While studying at the partner institution, you must pay your regular semester tuition fees to Centennial College. You are exempt from paying tuition to the partner institution.

Other Expenses

You must pay accommodation, meals, insurance, and certain additional fees to the partner institution. You are also responsible for your own airfare, books, travel, entertainment and miscellaneous expenses while abroad. In total you are required to budget a minimum of HK$80,000 for one semester. The living costs vary and depend much on your lifestyle.

Financial Support

Centennial College encourages students to gain global exposure and widen their horizons by participating in approved overseas exchange at partner institutions. Each year, applications are considered for the award of an Exchange Scholarship of HK$50,000 to support students’ study abroad. In 2019-20, the Exchange Scholarships are sponsored by the HKSAR Government under the Seventh Matching Grant Scheme and a donation from Mrs Fidelia Chan Yau Man Ying.



The application process for exchange programme normally starts at one semester before commencement of the exchange. For example, if you wish to join the exchange programme commencing in Fall Semester, you are required to submit application in Spring Semester. Timeline for the outbound exchange programme is shown below:

Stage Exchange Commencing in Fall Semester Exchange Commencing in Spring Semester
Enrolment Starts Feb Sep
IELTS/ TOEFL Registration and Examination Feb - Mar Sep - Oct
Application Deadline Late Mar Late Sep
Applicant’s nomination to host institutions Apr Oct
Application for the passport/ visa and course selection May - Jul/ Aug Nov - Dec
Pre-departure Briefing Late Jul (Indonesia)
Late Aug (USA)
Late Dec (USA)
Late Jan (Indonesia)
Mar (Japan)
Exchange Period Aug - Dec (Indonesia)
Sep - Dec (USA)
Jan - May (USA)
Feb - Jul (Indonesia)
Apr - Aug (Japan)
Complete the Programme and Submit report to College Dec (USA & Indonesia) May (USA)
Jul (Indonesia)
Aug (Japan)


Application Procedures

  1. Download an application form by clicking here Centennial College - Application Form PDF
  2. Submit the following documents in person to the College Office of 1/F by the application deadline: (Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted)
    • Completed application form
    • 2-page (double-spaced and typed) personal statement that explains

      – why you are applying for the exchange programme and

      – why you would like to study at the partner institution
    • Current and valid IELTS or TOEFL results
    • Relevant certificates and supporting documents relating to academic and non-academic achievements, extra-curricular activities inside and outside College
  3. Ask a professor at this college who is familiar with your work to write a letter of recommendation for you and to submit it directly to College Office by the application deadline.
  4. Attend an interview

         Successful candidates will be individually notified by the Admissions and International Affairs Office.



For questions relating to the exchange programme, please contact:​ 

Admissions and International Affairs Office

Email: international@centennialcollege.hku.hk
Tel: (852) 3762 6200