Learning and Teaching Facilities

Everything you need to learn and excel

Centennial College - learning and teaching facilities

The Centennial College campus is designed to provide you with the facilities you need to enjoy a successful and rewarding student life.


Interactive Teaching and Learning

To benefit students from the latest innovation in learning, the College furnishes the e-learning platform, namely SOUL 2.0, to provide effective teaching and learning support to teachers and students as well as to serve a user-friendly “one-stop” on-line information platform providing different information and e-Services.

Centennial College - e-platforms

Wi-Fi Campus

Centennial College - Computer Laboratory

You have free Wi-Fi and internet access throughout the campus. Click here for setup details.

Computer laboratories and Cyber stations are also available on campus.

Cosy and Comfortable

The College is conveniently located in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island, and has been designed as a cosy environment for teaching and learning where you can feel relaxed and mix easily with other students and teaching staff.

Centennial College - Multimedia Language Centre

Starting from the 2018-19 academic year, the College premises have been approved by the Education Bureau to be used jointly by Centennial College and the HKU SPACE Community College.

Learning Resources

HKU Main Library
​Main Library, HKU

You are entitled a privileged access to the HKU Libraries (HKUL) which are one of the best libraries in this part of the world. The HKUL consist of the Main Library and six specialist branch libraries, not just containing substantial amount of printed titles and journals but also offering learning facilities to students.  Given the College’s proximity to HKU, you can enjoy frequent access to the HKUL so as to make use of the valuable resources and facilities there.

Apart from the HKUL, there is also a Learning Resources Centre on campus. Apart from books and materials, the Centre is also equipped with printing and computer facilities in order to provide an environment that is conductive to study and leisure reading.  The College has also developed an electronic resources database to provide remote access to e-resources that are crucial to teaching and learning.

Chi Wah Learning
Commons of HKU

You can gain access to the Chi Wah Learning Commons (智華館), which are located at the podium of the HKU’s Centennial Campus. The area provides a variety of spaces, such as studying areas as well as reading and lounging areas for individual and self-paced learning.

HKU Chi Wah Learning Commons
​Chi Wah Learning Commons of HKU

Campus Location

3 Wah Lam Path
Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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