HKU Connections

Exterior Building of HKU

Centennial College is an independent College established by The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Our students have privilege to access various facilities at HKU.


HKU Library

HKU Library

Learning Resources

You are entitled a privileged access to the HKU Libraries (HKUL) which are one of the best libraries in this part of the world. The HKUL consist of the Main Library and six specialist branch libraries, not just containing substantial amount of printed titles and journals but also offering learning facilities to students.  Given the College’s proximity to HKU, you can enjoy frequent access to the HKUL so as to make use of the valuable resources and facilities there.


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Chi Wah Learning Commons

Chi Wah Learning Commons of HKU

You can gain access to the Chi Wah Learning Commons (智華館), which are located at the podium of the HKU’s Centennial Campus. The area provides a variety of spaces, such as studying areas as well as reading and lounging areas for individual and self-paced learning.



Stanley Ho Sports Centre at HKU

Flora Ho Sports Centre

Life at HKU

Apart from the experiencing study life at HKU, you are offered access to the extensive sports facilities and programmes at HKU to help you stay fit and healthy.