Centennial College Information Day


Centennial College Information Day

According to the 9th annual Fobes Top Colleges ranking released in 2016, four liberal arts colleges were listed  among the top 10 colleges.  Does this not indicate, if not demonstrate, the relevance and validity a liberal arts education in today's world?

Centennial College places emphasis on liberal arts education with an aim to nurturing a new generation of students who will be able to thrive and prosper in the vibrant economy of Hong Kong and indeed beyond. To offer more opportunities for students to experience the benefits of a liberal arts education, the College has recently launched the 4-year scholarship/tuition waiver scheme with up to four years’ full tuition fees waived in the coming academic year 2017-18.

Come and join our Information Day on 18 June!  You will not only learn more about our scholarship/tuition waiver scheme and find out more about the range of programmes we offers, but you will also be able to get a taste of the small class teaching and day-to-day activities so typical of a liberal arts education!  Some of the main events being held are as follows:

  • On-going programme consultation and activities (Details)

  • Feature talks by professor and celebrity (Details)

  • Introduction to our unique 4-year scholarship/tuition waiver scheme (Details)

  • Booths showcasing the various student societies

  • Students who apply for admission onsite may be given a conditional offer, and given a clear indication of their chances of getting a scholarship!

  • Chance to win $1,000's worth of travel vouchers onsite

  • A variety of snack stalls

Moreover, the Centennial College Essay Writing Competition 2017 is now over and the prize presentation ceremony will be held on Information Day. Click here to see if you are the winner!

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Event Details


Programme Consultation and Activities

There will be programme consultations for the different Majors throughout the day and a range of exciting activities in which to get involved. Do join us!

Major Activity
Language and Communication How do we say these in English?
Media, Culture and Creativity Read your mind through a picture
Business Management and the Liberal Arts Humanistic Leadership
China and Global Studies Worlds of fun
Social Behaviour and Public Policy Mix and match: how much do you know about public policy in Hong Kong?
Sustainability, Technology and Society Doom and Gloom in the World?
Professional Accounting Ten reasons for studying Accounting at Centennial College​

Date:18 June, 2017 (Sunday)
Time:2:30pm - 5:30pm
Venue:Centennial College, 3 Wah Lam Path, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


Feature Talks by professor and celebrity

Liberal arts education attaches great importance to student’s international exposure and helps them build a broad, global perspectives.  This time round the College is focusing on “Travel” as its theme for Information Day. Professor Edward Chen and Mr Tony Hung will share their personal international travel experiences - an opportunity to hear from globetrotters not to be missed!


“Liberal Arts Education – A bridge to the world”


Speaker: Professor Edward Chen, Council Chairman of Centennial College

Professor Edward Chen will share with you the relationship between liberal arts education and travelling. And share how you can experience liberal arts education through travelling around the globe to widen your horizons and develop global perspectives.


“Travel with Tony Hung!”

Speaker: Tony Hung, a famous TV travel programme host

Tony Hung has been a TV travel programme host for over a decade, with an abundance of travel experiences. He has been to warring nations such as Iraq and Iran, wealthy cities like London and Paris, and the most secretive country of them all, which is North Korea. He knows, if anyone does, how to bring his audience to the world! On this occasion, he will be globetrotting along with us!


Welcome DSE students, AD/HD students, other students, teachers and parents to join.

*Seats are limited with a first-come, first-served basis

Date:18 June, 2017 (Sunday)
Time:2:30pm - 4:00pm
Venue:Centennial College, 3 Wah Lam Path, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


4-Year Scholarship/Tuition Waiver Scheme for 2017-2018

The College has launched a 4-year scholarship/fee waiver scheme for 2017-18, which provides for up to four years’ full tuition fee waiver - to offer more opportunities to students so that they can experience the benefits of a liberal arts education. Details are as follows:

DSE point score
(including 4 core subjects and 1 elective subject)
Amount of Scholarship/
tuition waiver
Additional requirement Actual annual tuition fee for the first two years
20 points or above Full Scholarship ($89,000, full tuition waived) No $0
18-19 points 1/2 tuition waived (less $44,500) No $44,500
16-17 points 1/3 tuition waived (less $30,000) No $59,000
12-15 points 1/3 tuition waived (less $30,000 ) Recommended by Secondary School Principal or outstanding interview performance $59,000

Please contact our staff at the admission booth for more details on the event day.