TEDxCentennialCollege - The Age of Uncertainty


TEDxCentennialCollege - The Age of Uncertainty

This is the second year Centennial College is organising TEDxCentennialCollege event. TEDx is an event whereby speakers from different backgrounds and different industries share their ideas and knowledge with the audience.

This year's theme is the age of uncertainty. It is always nerve recking to be uncertain, to have no form of confirmation when facing with problems or with life. Through speakers from different areas of expertise, we could see different interpretation and different forms of uncertainty.



Dr Harry Brown (Current Principal of Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Mr Mukesh Bubna (Former CFO of Citibank/ Current Founder of Monexo)

Ms Laurel Chor (Multimedia Producer/ Coconuts TV)

Ms Steffi Lopez Gonzalez (Certified NLP Life Coach Yoga Teacher and Speaker)

Ms Rosa M Velasco (Actress)


Venue:G/F, Centennial College (3 Wah Lam Path, Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
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