Introduction of Summer Semester in 2015-16

Starting from the 2015-16 academic year, a Summer Semester, i.e. the third semester of an academic year, will be introduced.

The Summer Semester of 2015-16 will spread over 6 weeks from 20 June 2016 (Monday) to 30 July 2016 (Saturday). Each course will have 6 contact hours per week. The courses to be offered include:

•    CHI4002 閱讀策略與寫作 (Reading Strategy and Writing)
•    ENG4002 English for Academic and Professional Purposes Part II
•    ENG5003 Speaking for Academic and Professional Communication
•    SCI4003 Computer and Multimedia Literacy

Students will be allowed to take a maximum of 2 courses (= 6 credits) in each Summer Semester.

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